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Today’s Webcast, focusing on “Personal Ministries in Canada”, will feature interviews involving Dr. Reynold Hazelwood, Personal, Prison, School of Evangelism, and www.Bibleinfo.com Ministries Director of the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Also, local church members, Cheryl Bailey and Phyllis Vallieres, who are “On Fire With God", will share their "Personal Ministries" testimonies. You will be glad you tuned in!
Be blessed, NAD Adult Ministries Team


Urban Mission Convention Inspires Attendees to REACH Ontario in New Ways

How can we do ministry effectively in a complex, ever-changing context? Ontario Conference directors tackled this question head-on by pivoting what was to be an in-person event—the Urban Mission Convention (UMC)—to online platforms. As we’ve discovered in 2020, even a global pandemic can’t stop ministry. Instead, God can—and has—blessed our efforts to use the tools available to continue reaching Ontario.



Reflecting Jesus in our Cities

I can recall an incident in my undergrad where I dropped the small mirror I had bought to use for shaving. It broke in two places, but the back cover held it together so it was still useable. However, for the rest of the semester, I had to turn it at different angles to see my face.


As with my broken mirror, the city’s true identity is also obscured. On the one hand, “cities have gotten a bad rap and are known as resource hogs,” [i] seen as “health hazards, desperate places, shantytowns replete with environmental risks, and crime.” [ii] On the other hand, “a city is firmly established as the center of influence in trade, politics, and power.” [iii]


The Survey’s In!: 762 Leaders and Members Share Views on Online Church in Ontario Conference

On March 21, 2020, all Ontario Conference churches temporarily shut their doors in response to COVID-19. What followed was five months of learning to do ministry in new ways. Many of our churches rose to the occasion, reaching online audiences with Sabbath mid-day services, AY programs, evangelistic series, panel discussions on social justice and other issues and more.



Ontario Conference’s First-Ever Virtual Day of Worship Reaches 22K+ Globally

When Ontario Conference’s directors and administrators first envisioned July 18’s Virtual Day of Worship, they had modest expectations. It would be nice, they figured, if churches and members from across the province were able to worship together after months of separation. They hoped the program would encourage members in a year in which the quinquennial General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists, as well as most major in-person Conference events, had been cancelled or postponed.
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