Daily Devotional

To My Father, and Your Father         

September 17, 2019

His work completed, it was finally time for Jesus to go back to heaven. He decided to do so from the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem. The disciples followed Him, and they talked again about the lessons they had learned and the task that lay ahead. When they reached the top, He stopped. The disciples gathered around Him, and He stretched out His hands as if He was ready to bless them again. He promised that He would always be with them, and slowly, He began to rise up toward heaven as if unseen hands were lifting Him. The amazed disciples watched as Jesus ascended higher and higher and finally disappeared in the clouds. They could hear the angels singing, welcoming their Master home.

As Jesus led the heavenly procession toward the city of God, accompanied by those who had been restored to life at His resurrection, the angels who were with Him called out, “Open the gates, and let the King of Glory come in!” The angels at the gates called back with knowing joy, “Who is this King of glory?” To which came the reply, “The Lord, mighty and strong, He is the King of glory!” Again the angels at the gates called out, “Who did you say we should open the gates for?” The response: “The Lord, the King of Glory!”

The gates opened, and the angels and representatives from other worlds and every heavenly creature were there, ready to welcome Jesus with great celebration. But first, He must see the Father and be welcomed by Him. Jesus said, “Father, I have done Your will, and now I’m home!”

The Father’s arms embraced the Son and declared that Love won the ultimate war. Then all heaven burst into joyful praise and worship for the triumph and return of the Prince of Life, the beloved Lamb of God.

From: A Brief History of God's Love Author: Dr. Jack J. Blanco Ref: p. 168