Daily Devotional

Standing on the Promises         

September 20, 2018

The promises God has given us in His Word are of enormous significance for our life as Christians. The apostle Peter writes that through God's promises we will receive all we need for our Christian life and that thereby we partake of God's nature. We could also say that through the biblical promises God has given us His grace and strength and has given us the gift that was promised. . . .

God will keep His promises! It is helpful to underline God's promises in the Bible and to memorize them so that we know them when we need them. . . .when we know that our request is in full harmony with God's will beause we are looking at things through God's perspective, we can be certain that He hears our prayer and that we will receive what we ask for.

Longing for God Author: Frank M. Hasel Ref: P. 123

Devoted from Pacific Press