Christmas Greetings

Daily Devotional

God Is Unchangeable         

March 15, 2018

Fasting that pleases God intensifies prayer and my energy to serve my neighbor. I am able to hear God's word without distraction and gain a new willingness to turn it into action. My faith and trust in God's loving guidance grows. I become more sensitive toward the concerns and needs of others.

True fasting resists the subtle temptation to win God's approval for one's own concerns and to manipulate Him. God cannot be forced to act because I am fasting. Rather, God wants to give Himself to me in love. In this, His generosity cannot be surpassed. But in His generous love and grace God remains sovereign. HE decides what He is going to give to whom and when. Fasting does not change God--it changes me!

Longing for God Author: Frank M. Hasel Ref: pp. 178,179

Devoted from Pacific Press