Daily Devotional

Hope For You and Me         

November 14, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I get discouraged from time to time. And I know that I am not alone. Even Jesus’ disciples got weighed down with the discouraging events they had to face. It is no accident that He said to them right before the cross that they were not to let their hearts be troubled because He was only leaving them so that He could go to heaven and prepare a place for them so He could return and take them home to be with Him (John 14:1–3).

In that promise, there is hope for all of us. The “blessed hope” of the ages is the return of our Lord Jesus in the clouds. At that time, the dead who have accepted Christ will be resurrected, while living Christians will be caught up (or raptured) to meet both Jesus and the resurrected believers in the air. And all of that will be in the celebratory environment of blaring trumpets and shouts of joy and victory filling the air.

I want to be there on that day. I want to not only see Jesus coming in the clouds with all of His angels—but I want to be with Him through all eternity. And I want you, dear friend, to join me at the party.

From: God's Truth Author: Dr. George R. Knight Ref: p. 103