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Greetings in His Precious Name: While the pandemic has posed numerous challenges on how we have previously carried out God’s mission to make disciples in Ontario, it has also provided new opportunities. One of which is to hold a multiday virtual camp meeting, June 29 – July 3, 2021. The theme will be ‘Connecting –like Jesus!’, speaking to our great need to have a growing and deepening connection with our Heavenly Father in the way Jesus did, loving our neighbours as ourselves, ministering to them and making disciples in the same way He did. Our objectives will focus on connecting, growing, leading and maturing in Jesus. I am also pleased to inform you that our Adventist Ministries Convention, postponed because of the pandemic, will be an integral part of camp meeting. It will be a joint camp meeting and ministries convention. Members and guests alike will experience a variety of inspiring worships, workshops, training, Bible study, early morning prayer and nightly evangelistic worship. Other staples of camp meeting— vibrant Children’s and Youth and Young Adults’ programs--may also be expected. We would far prefer if we were able to announce an in-person camp meeting, but a virtual camp meeting/ministries convention will allow many more to attend and benefit from all the features that will be broadcasted over the conference’s social platform. While most workshops and training will be available to everyone, there may be some specialised workshops designed for ministry leaders only. Over the next 2 – 3 months, information, including a full schedule, will be sent out to you and to your churches. We are looking forward to a time when we will be able to have multiday camp meetings at our new camp site but, for this year, we are soliciting your prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide us so that we can be confident that God will be glorified. In His Service, Mansfield Edwards, President  
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