A Season to Celebrate with the Community!

Posted: June 22nd, 2023

Graduation season marks a significant milestone in the lives of students. From kindergarten to university, each student’s step forward deserves recognition and congratulations for their hard work and growth.

As we celebrate graduates, let's also use this season to connect with our communities. Jesus was actively involved in His local community, attending events, engaging with people, and showing support. Graduation ceremonies provide an excellent opportunity to follow in His footsteps.

Let's embrace the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all graduates, not just from our own families but our friends and neighbours as well. As Adventists, we are called to be like Jesus: being present in the lives of our local communities, celebrating together, demonstrating interest, and showing love for others. By being present, we uplift the spirits of the graduates, their families, and our entire community and help further friendship bonds that can last a lifetime.