Exciting Music Night Brings Joy to Massey Community

Posted: July 20th, 2023

The North Shore Church located in the town of Spanish, organized a fantastic event called "Music Night." Collaborating with the Massey Agricultural Society, the congregation brought the event to life at the Massey Fairgrounds, the town's main park. The event was a perfect blend of music, games, and fellowship, leaving everyone in high spirits.

Pastor Dumitru shared, "The Township of Massey was happy to collaborate with our church and even offered to advertise our event on their social media platforms." This gesture helped spread the word and ensured a larger audience for the gathering.

The event kicked off with a variety of fun children's games and free snacks for the first hour. Laughter filled the air as kids ran around, participating in games and creating wonderful memories. The church's warm hospitality was on full display as they sought to provide a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone.

As evening fell it was time for the highlight of the event: Christian country music performances. The crowd eagerly gathered, ready to tap their feet and sing along to the uplifting melodies. The performance was a collaborative effort of three Adventist churches—North Shore, Sudbury, and Iron Bridge. Together, they created a vibrant atmosphere of joy and celebration.

As the night unfolded, community members engaged with the church, sharing their contact information and expressing interest in signing up for the upcoming Vacation Bible School (VBS) program.

The Music Night event was a great success, for both North Shore Church and the people of Massey. It not only provided an evening of entertainment and fellowship but also laid the foundation for further engagement and outreach activities.