Faith, Destiny and Evangelism: Pastor Edwards Celebrates Jamaica’s Independence With a Message About Embracing Jesus

Posted: August 10th, 2023

Last Sunday, August 6, Pastor Mansfield Edwards, Vice President of Evangelism and Outreach, delivered a thought-provoking message at the 61st annual Jamaica Independence event held at Revivaltime Tabernacle Church in North York, Toronto. The event drew dignitaries from various countries, including the Jamaican High Counsel. Pastor Edwards seized the opportunity to not only celebrate his homeland but to emphasize the central role of God in every nation's story today.

Drawing from Psalm 11:3, which inquires, "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Pastor Edwards guided attendees to acknowledge that while political leaders, national heroes, and cultural influences have shaped Jamaica's nationhood, it was the unwavering foundation and belief in God that stood as the bedrock of the nation. He pointed to the prayer embedded in the national anthem and the commitment to God within the national pledge. Since the inception of the nation, schools commenced their days with prayer and worship, imparting values through sayings like "Whether great or small, God created them all," establishing in the minds of generations of youth that God is the Creator of the universe.

Then Pastor Edwards discussed the present reality: "What can the righteous do" when the spiritual values that once fortified the nation are now being eroded? The depth of the question hung heavily as the meaning was clear. Without a relationship with Jesus, there is limited ability to contribute meaningfully to society. He challenged the audience, reminding dignitaries and all that were present of the crucial importance of their relationship with God—the same God that was the cornerstone establishing the nation is the same God that will allow them to make a difference in their country.

Concluding his impassioned address, Pastor Edwards extended a heartfelt appeal, urging individuals to recommit their lives to Jesus and to pass on their spiritual legacy to the next generation. The response to the appeal was powerful. Government officials, business leaders, and others came forward, some with tears in their eyes. Many approached Pastor Edwards afterward, expressing how his words had rekindled their awareness of their urgent need for Jesus in their lives.

Upon reflecting on the event, Pastor Edwards emphasized, "As Adventists, we must shift our perspective on evangelism. The key lies in consistently engaging with our community, showcasing the relevance of our faith in their daily lives. By doing so, we become not only approachable but also relatable. This creates the opportunity to communicate the Adventist message of hope and wholeness through Jesus."