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From Babylon to Baptism: A VBS to Remember

Posted: August 18th, 2023

The Carleton Place Adventist Church, located 30 minutes Southeast of Ottawa concluded July with an exciting Vacation Bible School (VBS) that transported kids back in time to ancient Babylon. From July 23rd to July 29th, young hearts were captivated by the theme "Daniel’s Courage in Captivity," centred around the incredible story of Daniel and his friends.

Throughout the week, the VBS buzzed with excitement and joy. Energetic songs, thought-provoking crafts, and engaging games filled each day with laughter and learning. Mouth-watering snacks fueled their energy as they delved into the challenges Daniel faced and how his faith in God helped him to overcome them.

Amid the fun, the children learned a profound lesson: God is always with them. No matter the circumstances—be it challenges, fears, loneliness, or gratitude—God's presence and love are an unchanging anchor.

The high point of the VBS experience was the Sabbath morning of July 29th. Guided by the VBS team, the children led a touching church service. Through creative presentations, they shared the invaluable insights they gained during the week, warming the hearts of the congregation.

The Sabbath afternoon witnessed yet another high moment as the community gathered at the Carleton Place Aquatic Center for a baptism ceremony. Amid loved ones and fellow members of the Carleton Place Sparrows Pathfinders and Adventurers club, Julia Chamberlain publicly expressed her love for Jesus and her unwavering commitment to His service.

The Carleton Place Adventist Church's Vacation Bible School was a success. By transporting children to another time and weaving in lessons from Daniel's life, this VBS offered more than just a fun summer activity. It reminded them that God loves us and He is our faithful companion guiding us through life's twists and turns.