Southern Ontario Camp Meeting 2021 Reaching More Viewers Around the World

Posted: June 10th, 2021

Having conducted its first virtual camp meeting in 2020, the Southern Ontario district was determined to meet the needs of more people virtually in 2021. With Matthew 28:19-20 in mind, and more aware of the capability of media, the committee purposed to spiritually feed anyone they could reach. By God’s grace, for our June 4 to 6 camp meeting weekend, the audience was almost 40% larger than the previous year. Thousands of viewers tuned into YouTube and Facebook for up to 17 hours of programming.

In 2020, as we grappled with the shock of the pandemic, a quick adjustment had to be made to continue with our annual communal worship experience. By 2021, we understood that individuals from many countries would worship with us. Therefore, we had to focus on the effective use of media and spiritual content. This year, the committees engaged speakers from South Africa, four from the US and four from our borders. These speakers delivered such inspirational messages that the committee ensured that adult, youth and children’s broadcasts could be viewed well after the weekend. The programs also featured music from many international contributors.

Later, the committee reflected on God’s blessings. Whereas our live camp meeting historically had an audience of 1,200 to 1,500, the pandemic made it possible to first feed over 7,900 spiritually and, in 2021, over 12,300. Viewers heard relevant, impactful messages from Ontario Conference President Pastor Mansfield Edwards, Pastor Mazibuko from South Africa, Pastor Shawn Boonstra, Pastor Debleaire Snell from Alabama and Pastor Elizabeth Pule, with a mental health item from Dr. Neil Nedley.

The youth heard from Pastor Garth Dottin, Pastor Anthony Kern and Pastor Philip Lee. The children’s programme, held from Friday to Sunday, kept the attention of both parents and children. Pastor Allan Chichester, Ontario Conference Children’s Ministry director, provided spiritual food for the children.

Viewers tuned in from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, India, Brazil, Barbados, South Africa, Bahamas, Kenya, Guyana and Grenada.

Surely God blesses the efforts of those who work in His name and for His sake. This gospel shall be preached to all this world as a witness.

Thanks be to God for the opportunity to labour for Him and for the blessings granted to so many.

Here’s what we heard from those who spent the time with us:


Camp meeting this year was very professionally done. The speakers were top-notch. The topics presented could not have been more relevant. The music complemented the program also.

Florence from Simcoe


I was blessed and enjoyed it tremendously listening in my living room, more so than driving to Simcoe. The preachers delivered marvellously uplifting messages. The camp meeting was well organized. Thank God for all the people who put their untiring effort together in such a time as this. Well done, brothers and sisters! May God keep you safe!

Nena from Kingston


This past camp meeting was truly inspiring and spirit-led. The weekend has left an indelible impression on my heart and mind. I'm not going to be the same after this past weekend. The Lord has taken me to a deeper place through the messages He allowed us to experience. I will remember this camp meeting for a very long time. So glad that I can go back and watch them again and again. May God continue to bless you and your team for all your hard work. 

Sheryl from Kitchener


Thanks to all those who worked hard preparing the program and making it a reality. Excellent speakers who spoke on timely topics. The music and prayers were also wonderful. I also enjoyed the pastors’ panel discussion on Sunday. God bless you all.

Barry from Stoney Creek


Well-organized. Great audio-visual presentations. I was really blessed by the sermons, which were very appropriate for this time.

Diana from Kitchener


Southern Ontario Adventist Camp Meeting 2021 was very rich in diversity and taste compared to other previous camp meetings. The music and speakers enhanced the rich taste of worship this year. God bless you all.

Raymond from Hamilton


The message received from the Southern Ontario Youth Camp Meeting was very relevant and encouraging. I felt challenged to "stand up" and represent God in all the contexts where He calls me to serve. Be it the workplace, virtual classes, my relationships, and even with people at the grocery store – there is no limit to where God can speak and to whom He will speak. With a willing heart, accepting His commands and believing them to be His, I pray every youth and young adult who tuned in was able to hear God somehow. Onward and upward! ...

Ashley from Oshawa, ON


This year's youth camp meeting was fantastic, even despite having to be virtual. I was excited about the speakers, and I thought the planning team did a nice job of including youth from all over Ontario from different churches. It was also lovely to see some friends I would normally catch up with at the meeting. I think my favourite part was the Friday night message. I also really enjoyed the testimonies and special songs. Looking forward to next year!"

Polyana from Kitchener – Waterloo


The entire program was a blessing. People enjoyed the Bible stories, experiments, music and verses. I loved the variety and extensive involvement of children all over the program. It was very well done. I loved everything about it. The program content was great.

From Anonymous (Children’s Program)


Article by Russell Preddie

Chair for the Southern Ontario Adventist Regional Camp Meeting Committee



Camp Meeting 2021 highlights

To watch again, or if you or your friends missed any part of the program, you may choose from the following:


Sermon - The Way to a Man's heart Part 1 (by Pastor Debleaire Snell)

Sermon - The Way to a Man's heart Part 2 (by Pastor Debleaire Snell)

Sermon – A Major Word From a Minor Prophet (by Pastor Mansfield Edwards)

Sermon - Cancel Culture – (by Pastor Elizabeth Pule)

Sermon - The Someone of Kindness – (by Pastor Khetelo Mazibuko)

Sermon - Speaker of Voice Of Prophecy (by Pastor Shawn Boonstra)

Church Spotlight - Heritage Greene Church

Church Spotlight - Cambridge Church

Church Spotlight - Really Living Church

Social Media Presentation – Ontario Conference Family Life Ministries

Total Member Involvement - (TMI) Personal Ministries

ADRA Presentation

Health Talk Presentation - Neil Nedley - Nedley Health

Prayer Pointers - Prayer Ministries (by Dr. Maria McClean)

Panel Discussion - Local Pastors - Combination of Six Pastors

Sabbath School Lesson Study Hour - Discussion Panel



Children Camp Meeting 2021 highlights


Skit Part 1 by KWSDA Church

Mini Concert

Skit Part 2 by KWSDA Church

Bible Game Time

Sabbath School

Panel Talk by Brantford SDA Church (by Army of Christ Panel)

Sermonette “God Is Wit Us” (by Grace Ayoo)

Bible Time Game

Nature Lesson by KWSDA Church

Science Experiment by KWSDA Church


Mini Concert

Memory Verses

Bible Game Time by Brantford SDA Church

Story Time by Brantford SDA Church

Sermonette “Carry Your Lamp With You” by Pastor Allan Chichester

Afternoon Bible Challenge



Youth Camp Meeting 2021 highlights


Pastor Anthony Kern: Sermon- Out of the Cave

Youth Sabbath School Panel Discussion

Pastor Garth Dottin: Sermon- I am a Protestor

Pastor Philip Lee: Sermon- Left-Over Enthusiasts

ACF Ontario Presentation