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Sudbury’s Sud-sational Sunday: A Carwash Event Like No Other!

Posted: August 24th, 2023

On a Sunday in August, people and engines were revving up with excitement in Sudbury. Pastor Elvis Dumitru of the Sudbury Seventh-day Adventist Church had a brilliant idea to introduce his church to the community and put the "service" back into community service. How? With a free carwash event that turned into the talk of the town!

The Sudbury Church welcomed everyone from the surrounding community to an unforgettable day filled with sudsy fun and mouth-watering delights. It wasn't just about cleaning and waxing cars to a brilliant shine; it was about getting to know the wonderful folks of Greater Sudbury.

Pastor Dumitru himself, with a warm smile on his face, was at the forefront of the event, greeting each person who rolled in. He expressed, "It was great to meet the great people from Greater Sudbury and discuss how the church can meet their needs." This gesture of goodwill and openness helped to create bonds in the community.

While cars were getting the royal treatment, owners and family members were treated to a sizzling surprise – a free BBQ! The church's hospitality team demonstrated their culinary skills and served up the "best burgers in town, prepared with love and care." It wasn't just about feeding stomachs; it was about feeding souls in the spirit of friendship and the joy of a shared meal.

The event was nothing short of a roaring success. Cars gleamed, stomachs were satisfied, and most importantly, connections were made. Pastor Dumitru and the Sudbury Seventh-day Adventist Church showed their neighbours they were more than just a congregation; they are a caring, relevant presence in the community.