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The generosity of God’s faithful stewards and dedicated members of the body of Christ has been tested in the past, is being tested in the present and will be tested more in the future. Generosity is a word worthy of underlining during this global pandemic, which highlights thousands of people’s selfless commitment to risk their lives and serve unconditionally with their time and resources. As the Lord’s stewards, no matter what’s going on in the world or the economy, we should always be generous. But it is even more important to model generosity in every possible way during hard times. Following are six ways we can be generous stewards in this time of crisis: One. In Genesis 12, God told Abram to go to a new land. Abram obeyed and took his nephew, Lot, with him. Lot’s father had died, and this was an incredible act of generosity on Abram’s part. God may be leading you to care for people, such as elderly parents or a family in crisis, in the same way that Abram cared for Lot. Two. Abram showed generosity by giving Lot the first choice of the land (Genesis 13:10-13). Has God called you to be generous with another member of your family as you divide an estate? Or, are you being called to forgive someone who took advantage of you in a past estate settlement or legal transaction? Three. When Lot was captured, Abram rescued him. Lot’s foolish behaviour had cost him everything, but Abram loved him anyway. Read Genesis 14:13-16. We should be willing to serve, help and be generous to those in need—even those who have been foolish. Fourth. As a result of rescuing Lot, Abram and his servants captured treasures that had been stolen. From these treasures, Abram gave a tithe to Melchizedek, king of Salem, who was a “priest of God Most High” (Genesis 14:18-20). Abram knew and has never forgotten that everything he had came from God. Has God called you to have a greater focus on supporting His Kingdom? Five. Abram gave back all the captured treasures except what his men needed for refreshment. Read Genesis 14:24. If you’re an employer, be generous to your employees. Share your company’s victories with them, and let them know you couldn’t make it without them. Six. In Genesis 14, verses 22 to 24, Abram gave back all the captured treasures to the King of Sodom. Has God called you to be generous even with those who don’t deserve your generosity at this time? Remember Abram’s model for generosity in these difficult times. Finally, always listen for the Lord to prompt you to be more generous stewards for such a time that we are in.