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The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has taken up residence in global communities – changing lives in its course. Facing the pandemic reminds us of our helplessness against the invisible. But it also reminds us of our dependence on the invisible – a self-existing, loving, powerful, all-knowing God who walks beside us, sharing every moment. So now, a prayer for our world… God is our strength and shield. We trust him completely. Psalm 28:7 God of the human being, the atom, the galaxy …
  • for those affected physically and emotionally by this virus, we pray for quick and full healing without residual effects;
  • for those families who have lost loved ones to this virus, we claim your comfort, peace and healing;
  • for parents and caregivers, we pray for energy, wisdom, and creative ideas as they navigate weeks of unplanned recess with their children;
  • for those whose jobs, businesses, investments, and travel plans suffered or are suffering because of the pandemic, we rely on you to restore what’s lost;
  • for first responders, frontline staff, leaders in government, essential services, health agencies, social agencies, law enforcement, travel, faith groups, education, and other entities who make difficult decisions on everyone’s behalf and who labour to serve all affected by this intruding pathogenic microorganism we pray for wisdom, stamina, exceptional skills, good health, spiritual, emotional and physical fitness, integrity, compassion, - everything they need to fulfil the obligations of service throughout this pandemic and beyond.
  • for those who are exposed to risks as they provide care in all kinds of situations 24/7, we ask that you cover and keep them and their families from disease. May they always have confidence in your strength and protection.
  • for everyone, everywhere, embrace us, protect us, assure us. Halt the path of COVID-19. Restore our world to a state of wellness and normality. Inject your hope and calm deep into our hearts. Keep us in perfect peace as we place our trust in you, for you are our eternal Rock.
God with no beginning or end, our hope is in you. We thank you for your abundant blessings. We trust you to guide us through each change and each unknown of our reality. And we know that you will honour your promise to escort us to a different, perfect, eternal reality in your time. We believe and wait …. Benediction: May God’s love, peace, grace, assurance, and promises sustain us now and always. Amen.