Ministry Department:

About ‍The Department

The ministerial department exists to serve Jesus Christ and His global church by ministering to pastors, pastors’ families, and local church leaders.

  1. Spiritual Growth—Mentoring pastors and nurturing deep and vibrant relationships with God. Enabling pastors to mentor members in their greatest need—a revival of true godliness among us.
  2. Proclamation—Motivating, equipping, and resourcing pastors to proclaim the Word of God to the church and to the world, presenting Jesus as Savior and Lord to all people, regardless of race, gender, nationality, tribe, or economic status.
  3. Personal Development—Encouraging positive growth in the personal lives of pastors and their families. Advocating a balanced use of time so pastors can be well-rounded while improving their talents and relationships.
  4. Professional Growth—Promoting the professional growth of pastors in the study and practice of ministry, representing their interests at the General Conference, and enhancing the image of pastoral ministry so as to attract qualified persons and keep them in their ministries.
  5. Church Growth—Enabling pastors to nurture their congregations and embrace the priesthood of all believers, engaging every member in ministries so that our churches may be centers of loving concern, dynamic evangelism, and the presence of the living Lord.